The Development of Kaveh Academy's Student Services

Date Posted:  September 2005

The Kaveh Academy Private Secondary School is proud to announce the ongoing expansion of student services.  For over a decade the committed staff of The Kaveh Academy have strived to provide the best and most convenient services for students and their families.  Recently, with the higher demand of international students and the increasing geographical demands of modern life, The Kaveh Academy has added new services to facilitate student satisfaction and increase the quality of our programs and services.  Below is a concise list of the new services available to present and future students of The Kaveh Academy Private Secondary School.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


International Student Visa Department:

This newly expanded department has a mandate to assist students in obtaining student visas for the purpose of studying in Canada at The Kaveh Academy Private Secondary School as an international student.  The process is often arduous and time consuming for individual students to obtain such visas, but with the assistance and support of this department the process can be significantly easier and shortened.  The Kaveh Academy is well known by the Canadian Embassy in Tehran and can provide support and assistance for students in the process of obtaining student visas to study in Canada. 

Please call (416) 512-2068 to make an appointment with Dr. Kazem Afsharha to further discuss the assistance the International Student Visa Department could provide you with.

Residency Services:

The Kaveh Academy Private Secondary School is located conveniently in the major parts of the Greater Toronto Area, in the heart of North York.  With two locations to serve our students best, we pride ourselves in providing logistically convenient services.  However, obtaining residency within close proximity to schools can be a challenge for any student.  The Kaveh Academy can provide assistance with residency requirements for our students who wish to live in close proximity to our school, thereby making educational and personal experiences highly pleasant and much less stressful! 

Either international students or regular students can inquire about assistance with residency at the Main Office or by calling (416) 398-1422. 

Transportation Services:

We fully understand the transportation challenges facing students in today`s congested and expensive public transport system.  Private transport is also not always a ready option for many students.  In order to assist our students with such challenges, we have acquired transportation facilities that may assist some students in arriving to school more easily and cost efficiently. 

Transportation services can be arranged in advance by calling (416) 457-3935.

English Language Assistance Program:

The Kaveh Academy Private Secondary School is proud of its ESL and English language programs, provided with care and dedication by qualified staff.  In consideration of the fact that English is not the first language of many of our students, we have put into place a new English Language Assistance Program which aims to help students with English language difficulties ranging from conversational fluency to academic writing.  More specifically, this program would provide pre-examination English language assistance, personal tutoring for language difficulties, support with academic writing, and other personalized venues of language assistance. 

Please inquire concerning how our new English Language Assistance Program can satisfy your language needs by calling (416) 398-1022.

Reminder to Present and Prospective Students:

As always, the computer and library facilities, individualized academic tutoring and assistance, academic counselling and career guidance, and the many other personal and educational services offered by The Kaveh Academy Private Secondary School are available for students to take advantage of. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the school at one of the main telephone numbers provided above to inquire about the many services that can make your experience at our school among the best in your life!


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